What is KjjK?

KjjK is a PVE guild, but originally began as a pure PVP guild with many loyal members and 3 leaders, Thomas02, Kjellig and Kjellia.

If you're interested in the history of KjjK you can read into it on our History page, but currently the guild has merged into the PVE community as there is a great deal of new players who are either not guided and struggling to play the game solo or have no community to have fun and enjoy it with.

The aim of KjjK now is to assist in dungeons, teach and help players to progress in the game and be the best at whatever class they wish to pursue.

Interested in joining KjjK?

If you are interested in joining KjjK, apply directly on the guild section of the game and mail me in-game or contact one of the other superior officers of the guild who are listed on the members page!

General Rules of KjjK

1. Forms of bullying in any shape or kind aren't supported in KjjK, we would like to promote people to enjoy their time on Eldevin rather than resent it :)

2. PVP - Our stance on PvP is not supportive of random PK'ing, rather instead we would like to organise controlled Guild vs Guild conflicts or friendly Player vs Player 1v1's, we will not follow you into personal disputes and would rather you solve them and contact us if you need assistance in resolving matters.

3. PVE - If you have been killed in TA, we are STRONGLY against taking this out in PvE environments, this kind of behavior only ever ends badly for both parties, this involves CC/Troll/Worldboss/Event boss trolling.


Upon return I have updated some sections of the website, here are some latest additions:

  1. Added Kjellia's SuperHealtank to the Standard Builds Page
  2. Reset Guild Donations
  3. Updated Members Section


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